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Product Classification
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SXJ Banana Screen
Product Information
   The banana vibrate screen with multi slope deck inclinations can be used in material screening of coarse, medium and fine crushing process. Design of multi angle vibrate screen uses the structure of high strength rivet bolt to eliminate stress points and improve the performance of the overall structure. It is convenient for repairing by using of modular components. The screen is characterized by multi angles, gradually decreasing from the feeding end to the discharge end. High slope of the feeding end rapidly improves the moving speed of the material on the screen surface and screens out the fine materials quickly; small slope of the discharge end improves the screening efficiency of the particles. These features ensure high screening efficiency and greater processing capacity of multi angle vibration sieve. The space required by the multi angle vibrate sieve is smaller than that of conventional vibration screen for the same capability. The multi angle vibrate sieve can be equipped with single and double screen.Multi angle vibrate screen uses short head thin oil lubrication vibrator. The modular design of gear box employs counterweight block biax, gear transmission to produce linear screening.SXJ Banana screen The SXJ screens with multi slope deck inclinations, usually called the "banana Screen" strongly surpasses in performance traditional constant slope screens. The powerful linear vibration generated by the innovative exciters combine high throughput without blinding. The exciter is infinitely adjustable for process optimization. SXJ screens are specially suited for large material volumes with a high percentage of undersize in the feed material.